Children’s Mental Health Week

‘Let’s Connect’

February 6th – 12th, 2023

Children’s Mental Health Week is organised by the Place2Be charity and is taking place from Feb 6th-12th. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Connect’ to encourage children (and adults) to look at how we can make meaningful connections. When we have healthy connections – to family, friends and others – this can support our mental health and our sense of wellbeing.

1 in 6 children have a diagnosable mental health issue, so it’s really important to help each other out when we can, and to find ways to take care of our minds. One very simple but powerful way to connect with others is through kindness.

Kindness and Children’s Mental Health

Why Kindness?

Kindness is a simple way to help EVERYONE. When we are kind to each other, it helps us to feel connected, which means we forge new friendships or deepen existing ones. Research has also shown that when we’re kind, when someone is kind to us or even if we just witness kindness, our bodies release feel-good hormones which lift our mood, giving us what’s known as a ‘Helper’s High’. It’s also been shown that people who are kind have much lower stress levels, age more slowly and have healthier hearts. Kindness isn’t just a nice thing to do, but can help us improve our own well-being, while helping others at the same time. And Children’s Mental Health Week is a perfect time to start!

Kindness Workshops 

Our Kindness Workshops teach children about the science of kindness and the amazing impact it has on our mind and bodies. In our free kindness workshops we show children that the little choices they make every day have the power to make a difference – both to others and to their own well-being.

Our workshops are run both face-to-face and virtually and are most suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2. The workshops are provided for free, thanks to the kind sponsorship of NBB Recycled Furniture.

Children’s Mental Health Week
Resources for Teachers

Lesson Plans
We have a range of free video lesson plans focussed on all aspects of kindness, which are a great resource for Children’s Mental Health Week. They cover topics such as the impact kindness has on our physical and mental health, the importance of self-kindness, and how kindness can help us connect with others. Our lesson plans are designed for Key Stage 1 & 2, and meet many of the aims and objectives of the PSHE curriculum.

Self-Kindness Tips for Children
Our Self-Kindness page is all about why it’s so importance to be kind to our minds. Read 10 things we can do to help look after our mental health.
Visit our Self-Kindness page

Resources for children

Kids’ Kindness Club
Join our free Kids’ Kindness Club and you will receive a fortnightly email newsletter with Kindness Challenge, kind stories, competitions, quizzes, activities and the chance to earn your Kindness Badge and win prizes!

This week in our Kids’ Kindness Club, we are talking about Children’s Mental Health Week, with a Kindness Challenge for children to complete our Self-Kindness Activity Sheet.

Kindness Calendar
Our Kindness Calendar can help you to get into kind habits – you’ll be spreading kindness for a whole month! Activities include being kind to yourself, being kind to others and being kind to the planet.

Kindness Books
Browse a selection of some of our favourite kind books.
Browse Kindness Books

You can find more free teaching resources here.


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