Kindness Ambassador Programme

Hello and welcome to our Kindness Ambassador information page
(this is a programme for UK schools only at the moment)

Why are we offering a Kindness Ambassador Programme?
Quite simply, to spread kindness far and wide and make our world an even kinder place.
We know there are so many kind children in your school, filled with ideas of how to spread kindness.  We want to help to unlock those ideas, share good practice between schools and help to embed a culture of kindness in your classrooms, school and local community, while also supporting your PSHE curriculum.

​​What is a Kindness Ambassador?
​​A Kindness Ambassador is a child (one in each class in your school) tasked with the responsibility of encouraging more kindness in their class, school and local community. A key benefit of the Kindness Ambassador scheme is that the ideas and control is with the children and they can make their ideas happen.

How much resource/time will it take up in school?
A suggested amount is 1 hour per term so that your Ambassadors can brainstorm ideas together and get plans into action for each term.  There will also be a supportive Zoom call hosted by us every term for 1 hour.

What do our current Kindness Ambassadors say about the scheme?

“I loved thinking of loads of ideas and making them real in the school.” ~ Jasmine

“I loved that I can help people when they are feeling sad.” ~ Emily

“I loved spreading kindness around our school and community.” ~ Mia

“I love how many ideas we can generate and it is fun as well!” ~ Mary

“I noticed a real buzz of loveliness since taking part in the Kindness Ambassador Scheme.” ~ Miss Bowen

How will it work?

  1. ​​Each school year, your school will elect one Kindness Ambassador per class, and one lead ambassador (in year 5 or 6) to represent your school. Those ambassadors will be part of a wider network of school Kindness Ambassadors from other primary schools, supported by us at the School of Kindness. We will meet them on Zoom once a term.

  2. You will receive a downloadable pack from us with more information about how it can work in your school.
  3. Your Kindness Ambassadors will then meet as a group each term and brainstorm ways in which they can spread kindness in their class, school and community for that term.
  4. On the Zoom calls there will be a representative from the School of Kindness and fellow Lead Kindness Ambassadors from other schools and their school adult. The purpose of the Zoom calls is to share ideas with each other, offer children planning support and celebrate progress.
  5. In the Summer term, after our final Zoom celebration call, we will send you a certificate to print for your Kindness Ambassadors at the end of each year. You are now an accredited Kindness Ambassador School (if you continue to be a part of the scheme).

What do teachers say about the scheme?

“I am proud of our Kindness Ambassador because they have been a superb role model for others to follow. I have seen an increase in the kindness of the whole school as a result of the Kindness Ambassador scheme.”
David, Deputy Head

If you are a school based in the UK and would like to take part, please complete this form on our website to register your interest. Registration for this year has now closed, but you can register your interest for 24/25.