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Kindness – the little thing that matters most

Written by 52 Lives founder, Jaime Thurston, this book features 52 ways to bring more kindness into our own lives and the world. It uses the voices of those who have been helped by the charity, and little nuggets of science to ground the ideas in real life action.

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Kindness books


Meet The Author…

We chatted to Jarvis about the inspiration behind his lovely book.


The Boy With Flowers in His Hair

David is the boy with flowers in his hair. He’s sweet and gentle, just like his petals. But when David’s flowers begin to fall – a single petal at first, then every last blossom – his best friend never leaves his side. And through kindness and creativity, he even finds a way to give David his colour back… Beautifully illustrated, this story is about being there for someone when they’re at their most vulnerable.
By Jarvis

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Kindness books


Meet The Author…

We chatted to Anna about the inspiration behind her wonderful book.


I’m (Almost) Always Kind

Being kind is super important, but it isn’t always easy. Using a goodhearted, enthusiastic little boy’s perspective, a lot of sensitivity and a little gentle humour, this story explores the potential pitfalls of trying to be kind, and what being kind really means. To be truly kind, it turns out, you have to try to look at things from other people’s points of view.
By Anna Milbourne.

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Kindness books

I’m (Almost) Never Bored

In a world where children can find entertainment at the touch of a button, it’s ever-more important that they have time to be bored – because that’s where they have the space to come up with their own Really Good Ideas. A wonderful book about why letting ourselves be bored is one of the kindest things we can do for our minds.
By Anna Milbourne.

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Kindness books


Meet The Author…

Kate shares the inspiration behind her super book! Watch now.


Superheroes Always Fight Back…Or Do They?

Arthur dreams of being a mega-fast and strong superhero with the ability to fight and banish the baddie next door. But when Grandpa explains that the best superheroes actually save the day by being kind, Arthur realises that we all have a superpower inside and that an act of kindness, no matter how small, really can change the world. 

By Kate Thompson

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No Home for a Ghost


Kindness is my Superpower




The Kindness Book

The Kindness Book is a free teaching resource to encourage values of kindness, respect, integration and empathy within classrooms. The book invites children to recall and share moments of kindness with each other.

Available from The Kindness Movement

The Hugasaurus

By Rachel Bright, the author of The Worrysaurus, this is the heart-melting story of a kind and caring dinosaur, perfect for teaching children about the value of compassion and love.

Available here

You and Me

This book helps children to build a keepsake of their important friendships and memories, featuring spaces where each friend can record their own information and feelings. The owner can use the first page and the last two pages to record their own photos and notes. The book can then be shared with up to nine friends who will have their own space to draw, write and stick in images to capture what makes them and their friendship special.

Available from Tribe

Go, Tony, Go!

Inspired by Tony Hudgell, a five-year-old hero, this is a charming and positive hardcover picture book for preschool aged children. Profits from the sale of the book go to the Evelina London, Children’s Hospital which is part of the Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust to help give vital care to more children like Tony.

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