Empowering children through kindness


At the School of Kindness, we believe that kind is the most important thing a child can be. We help to create a culture of kindness in the classroom and encourage children to become courageous advocates for positive change. Whether you would like to book a free Kindness Workshop, download the latest lessons plans, find a worthwhile cause for your class to fundraise for, or submit an amazing idea to The Kindness Fund…you’ve come to the right place.

The School of Kindness is run by the charity 52 Lives. Our aim is to empower children by helping them to realise that the little choices they make every day have the power to change people’s lives and change the world. And the best thing about kindness? It doesn’t just help others – it also improves our own physical and mental health.


Pick a Project is the place where kind schools who want to help, can find those in need of help. If you’re looking for a worthwhile cause to fundraise for, or if you’re a school (or an organisation) in need of essential items to improve the well-being of the children you work with, visit Pick and Project and get involved now. 

“i Have been teaching for 17 years and I can honestly say that the impact your visit has had on us has been far more than anything I have experienced before”

Tony Wheat

West Pennard School


We run Kindness Workshops in primary schools all over the UK. Our Workshops aim to spread kindness and empower children by helping them to realise that the little choices they make every day have the power to change people’s lives, and improve their own physical and mental health at the same time. 


We’ve developed a range of lesson plans, games and activities to help teach children about kindness…and we’re adding new lessons all the time. So if you’re looking for some useful teaching tools, or if you want to be inspired by what other schools are doing, have a browse around our resources section.


New Home-School Resources

New Home-School Resources

We know a lot of parents are home-schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic, so we’ve put together some activities and little lessons that teach children about the importance of kindness, the science of kindness, and the positive effect it has on our physical and mental...

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