Random Acts of Kindness Week

13th-19th February 2024

Random Acts of Kindness Week was set up in 1995 by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, as a way to celebrate the small things we do that can really make a difference. Whether it’s playing with someone at breaktime, or planting a tree, there are so many things we can do to make the world a kinder place!

How can I get involved?

Take the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

We’re inviting children to take part in our five-day Kindness Challenge to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. Each day, they will be tasked with doing a specific kind activity and writing about how they felt when they did it. Not only will they be helping other people, they will also be helping themselves…because when we’re kind it improves our own physical and mental health.

Take Part in the Challenge


Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Whether we’re being kind to others, the environment, or ourselves, there are so many little changes we can make day-to-day that have such a big impact! Why not offer to help cook the dinner at home, water the plants or draw a picture for a classmate? Everyone appreciates a little kindness, and a little bit can go a long way.

Check out our ’52 Acts of Kindness for Kids’ page here for some more inspiration!


School Resources

We have lots of different classroom resources for you to use, from lesson plans to kindness calendars!  We’ve also put together collections of recommended kindness poems, books and quotes you can use to teach kids the power of kindness. Our Director of Kindness, Greig, runs our Kindness Workshops in person and online. These events encourage children to spread kindness and realise that the little choices we make can change someone’s life for the better. You can find out more here.

Kind Science!

Did you know that kindness improves our mental and physical health? Witnessing or participating in an act of kindness can reduce our stress levels, relieve pain, and make us so much happier! How great is that?
Learn more about the Science of Kindness

You can find more free teaching resources here.


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