Kind Christmas Activities for Children

Christmas is a wonderful time to encourage children to think about what they can do to spread kindness. Thinking of others not only helps to take the focus off material goods, but it will also bring the child a great deal of joy as well! Kindness benefits everyone – the giver and receiver.

We have a range of kind Christmas Activities, encouraging children to be kind to themselves, to others and to the planet!

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World Kindness Day Activity Pack

Make a kind Christmas card for us!

Every Christmas we spread joy by sending gifts to thousands of people who might be feeling a bit lonely. We love to send kind Christmas cards with these gifts – which is where you come in! Could you make a Christmas card for us to pass along to brighten someone’s day? All you need to do is make a card, write a kind Christmas message inside, and send it to us at: Kids’ Kindness Club, PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.

(Please only sign your card with your first name and don’t include any contact details). 

World Kindness Day Fundraiser - Archie sold socks!

Kind Christmas Activity Pack

We have developed a Christmas Activity pack filled with creative, crafty ideas for spreading kindness…from creating an Acts of Kindness Christmas Puzzle to making a lolly pop Christmas decoration filled with kind words.

World Kindness Day Fundraiser - Archie sold socks!

Reverse Advent Calendar

Why not try a Reverse Advent Calendar this Christmas?
1. Fill a basket at home with a different item every day, for as many days as you wish (if you can, try to find out what items your local food bank needs most).
2. When you’re ready, donate the items to your local food bank (in plenty of time for Christmas).
3. Feel wonderful! Being kind doesn’t just help other people, it also helps our own physical and mental health too. 


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