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In this week’s video, we’re announcing the winner of our competition. We’d also love for you to help us do something kind for a girl called Alesha, who is having a tough time at school. 

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A drawing of ollie scoring a goal


We’ve loved seeing photos of you all taking part in our Easter Challenge! This is Sophia and Elliott writing ‘compliment cards’ for their grandma.  

Well done! x


Last week, the 52 Lives charity was trying to provide clothes for dozens of children who don’t have a home at the moment. Their families don’t have enough money for clothes, so we wanted to help. We told our community about them, and in just one week, people donated enough new clothing for all of the children. We also raised more than £2000, which we will use to buy proper fitting shoes for the children.

One little girl was so excited to be able to choose her own jumper for the first time. Her mum said: “I can’t believe it. We have only had hand-me-downs for so long. It is amazing to get to open the packaging on new clothes.”

What our community did wasn’t just about clothes though – we let all of these families know that there are people out there who care about them, which is so important.

Fur Real Toy

Competition Winner!

We are very excited to announce the winner of our colouring competition. Our winner is 7 year old Cotty! Well done Cotty, your prize is a £30 toy from Hasbro. Thank you to everyone who took part. We received so many wonderful entries. We hope you enjoyed taking some time to sit, colour, and clear your mind. It’s a great way to relax (so in a way, you’re all winners!)

If you’d like to take part in this month’s competition, click here to join in our Easter Kindness Challenge. 



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We’d love to see what kind things you’ve been up to! If you’d like to share a photo of something kind you have done (for yourself or for someone else) ask a parent or guardian to send it to us.

Self-Kindness tip of the week:

If you have times when you feel overwhelmed by your thought, try stopping what you’re doing and taking three deep breaths. It can help to settle your mind.


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