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This month, Kind News has been taken over by…you! Our guest presenter this week is Max, and he is chatting to some of our Kids’ Kindness Club members about World Kindness Day.

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The Purple Kids’ Kindness Club badge is awarded for showing kindness to yourself and others. To find out what you need to do to earn your badge, click below to download the application form. If you are a school planning to do this activity with a large number of children, please get in touch with us beforehand so we can ensure we can fulfil your badge requests! Thank you


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Competition Time

This month’s challenge is from our artist and ambassador, Stacie Swift, who has created a Kindness Bingo for you! To be in with a chance to win a £10 book or toy voucher and our recommended read, just colour in each section of the board when you have completed each kind challenge.  Then send the photo to kidskindnessclub@52-lives.org to be in with a chance to win!

Deadline: Friday 24th Nov 2023


Were you paying attention in this month's video? Take our quiz and find out.


This little girl Josie goes to a school where every day the children spend time playing with elderly members of the community. This intergenerational learning and play is wonderful for everyone as you can see by these smiles!

Source: @tanksgoodnews



Max standing next to his tent
Children holding certificates


Greig visited Thomas’s Battersea Prep School in London last week…and look what he discovered! The pupils had carved some incredible pumpkins to sell, to raise funds for 52 Lives.

Well done!

Max standing next to his tent

Book of the Month

Do Something For Someone Else
by Loll Kirby

This book shows 12 real-life children who are spreading joy with simple acts of kindness.  Learn about the small but incredible things they have done that have changed people’s lives.  You will realise that you too have the power within you to change the world for the better and at the back of the book it gives you lots of ideas how! To have the chance to win a copy, watch the video above.

Watch the author talk about the book and show you what is inside here.

Stacie Swift Activities

Our wonderful ambassador, artist Stacie Swift, has created this activity sheet just for you!

Kindness Bingo Game


We’d love to see what kind things you’ve been up to! If you’d like to share a photo of something kind you have done (for yourself or for someone else) ask a parent or guardian to send it to us.

Self-Kindness tip of the week:

This video shows how kindness can spread far and wide – and how good people feel when they receive an act of kindness. So this month, with all of the inspiration from World Kindness Day, can you spread kindness and feel good at the same time?
Watch the video here


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