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Our Kind News today is about YOU!  We saw so many wonderful things from World Kindness Day and we share some of them here. We also talk about trees and why they are SO important!  We’re announcing the winner of last week’s Kindness Challenge and, finally, it wouldn’t be Kind News without Ned Kindelbottom!
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Competition Time

Your kindness challenge this week is to go exploring in nature with a grown-up and take a photo or draw a picture of your favourite tree. Email us the picture, along with a sentence telling us why you love it and you will go into draw to win an incredible book about trees! 

Deadline: 8th December

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We were overwhelmed with your photos from World Kindness Day! We loved this photo sent to us by Christchurch C of E Primary School, showing a pupil receiving a note telling them why they are amazing! The smile says it all. 

The school is also collecting for their local food bank and making cards to spread ‘kindness and smiles’ throughout their community.

Well done everyone!


We made the BBC South news! Waverley Prep school in Berkshire were featured as one of the schools taking part in our World Kindness Day live assembly. 

Martha, a pupil, was interviewed and commented, “out in the playground we have a buddy from each classroom that will wear a yellow hat.  If someone falls over or needs help, they can go to that buddy”.  

What a marvellous idea! We’d love to hear what your school does to increase kindness.



This week, our story is I’m (almost) Never Bored by Anna Milbourne. It is about being kind to yourself and allowing yourself to be creative…maybe even letting your imagination run away with you!
Our self-kindness tip is linked to this story, so check that out too!

(With thanks to Anna Milbourne and her publisher Usborne. You can find the book here )


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We’d love to see what kind things you’ve been up to! If you’d like to share a photo of something kind you have done (for yourself or for someone else) ask a parent or guardian to send it to us.

Self-Kindness tip of the week:

This week our self-kindness tip is linked to our Story Time book, ‘I’m (almost) Never Bored!’  The book shows us the magic that happens when you allow yourself to be (nearly!) bored.  It encourages reduced screen time – and we know that too much screen time isn’t good for our mental or
physical health. So, why not reduce your hours on a screen, and get more creative! 


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