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 Being kind is the best thing you can be. So we’ve created a Kindness Club just for kids. If you haven’t already, click here to join the club (it’s free!) and you will receive our fortnightly Kindness Club email. 


This week, we have a very special kindness challenge for you…and it involves horses, hearts and – of course – kindness! 

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Recipe for Happiness


Elliott took part in our Recycling Week Challenge during September and made these amazing binoculars out of rubbish! We love his creativity. (We’ll be announcing the winners very soon!)

Well done Elliott!

Kindness Colouring Sheet - Sunshine


In this week’s video, Greig talked about how kindness helps to keep your heart healthy. To be in the running to win a £10 toy or book voucher, all you need to do is complete our Healthy Heart Challenge Sheet and send it to us by post or email (feel free to draw this on your own paper if you don’t have a printer).

Have fun! We can’t wait to see what you do. 

Deadline: 28th October


A mum from Lancashire received help from a stranger after losing hope of finding a treat for her toddler,  Roman, who has severe allergies to lots of different foods.

There is one treat – a cake from Morrisons Supermarket – that he can eat without getting sick. But they are often out of stock and he was sad that he couldn’t eat cakes like the other children.

A staff member called Mollie kindly said she would let Roman’s mum know when they came back into stock. She was shocked to receive a message shortly after asking her to come in.

“When I went to collect them, there were four boxes of the cakes and I said that’s great, how much is it and the lady said they’ve been paid for,” Emma said. “I went to find Mollie to pay her back and thank her and she said no, it’s my treat and to see Roman at the time sat in the trolley eating a cake with a big smile of her face, she said that’s all I wanted to see.”


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We’d love to see what kind things you’ve been up to! If you’d like to share a photo of something kind you have done (for yourself or for someone else) ask a parent or guardian to send it to us.

Self-Kindness tip of the week:

Sometimes when we can busy, we can forget to look after ourselves. But taking care of ourselves puts us in the best possible position to go out into the world and be kind to other people. So don’t forget about you! 


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