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 Being kind is the best thing you can be. So we’ve created a Kindness Club just for kids. If you haven’t already, click here to join the club (it’s free!) and you will receive our weekly Kindness Club email. 


This week’s Kindness Challenge is to do something kind for an elderly man called Rod, who has just gotten home from hospital and is feeling a bit lonely. We have also heard back from Indie and Morgan – the sisters you made things for!

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The Purple Kids’ Kindness Club badge is awarded for showing kindness to yourself and others. To find out what you need to do to earn your badge, click below to download the application form. 


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Drawing of a bunny and a girl dancing


Last week, Jack and George made these amazing gratitude boxes as part of our Kindness Challenge. They filled them with all sorts of things they are grateful for. Watch the Kindness Challenge video to see more things you sent in.

Well done Jack and George! x


The footballer Marcus Rashford has been campaigning for the UK Government to extend the free school lunch scheme into the school holidays, to help struggling families pay for food while their children are at home. Last week, there was a vote in parliament to decide whether or not to do this. The Government voted no.

Lots of people around the country were worried that some children might not have enough food to eat during half term, so hundreds of businesses all over the country stepped up to offer free lunches for families who need them. 

FurReal Monkey Toy


There’s just a few days left to enter this month’s competition! This month, we’re giving away a ‘FurReal Check-up Zandi’ toy to one lucky winner. All you have to do is design your own kindness trophy. You can download and print a template here (if you don’t have a printer, you can do it on a blank piece of paper).
Deadline for entries: 31 October 2020. Entries should be emailed to:

.Last month’s competition winner was Kalila for her amazing poem about kindness. Well done Kalila!



How much do you know about kindness?

Games and activities

Have you downloaded our latest activities?

Kindness Bingo Game


We’d love to see what kind things you’ve been up to! If you’d like to share a photo of something kind you have done (for yourself or for someone else) ask a parent or guardian to send it to us.

Self-Kindness tip of the week:

Loving ourselves is the key to kindness. When we’re happy with who we are, it helps us feel happier, which makes us kinder. This week, start each day by looking in the mirror and saying three kind things to yourself. 


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