Kindness Calendar

Spread kindness all month long!

Want to make this the best month ever? Spreading kindness is a great place to start! Our Kindness Calendar encourages children to think about kindness – all month long. The calendar asks children to complete a different kind activity every day, and there’s also plenty of space for them to fill in their own ideas.

There’s even a colour key to record whether it’s an act that’s kind to the environment, kind to someone else or kind to themselves.

By completing their own Kindness Calendar, not only will they be helping other people, they will also be helping themselves…because when we’re kind it improves our own physical and mental health. There’s no downside to kindness!


Learning Objectives:
Our Kindness Calendar encourages children to think about kindness and their role in creating a kinder world. It support many of the aims and objectives of the PSHE curriculum for relationships and health education in primary schools.

It will help children to:

  • Develop empathy
  • Think about their actions and the impact they have
  • Understand the power of kindness
  • Understand the importance of self-kindness



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