Has your school hosted a Kindness Workshop? If so, you can take our Kind School pledge.

The 52 Lives ‘Kind School’ Pledge

As a 52 Lives Kind School, we pledge our commitment to encouraging a culture of kindness in our classrooms: including both kindness to ourselves and to others.

We understand kindness is a powerful agent for positive change, so the kindness demonstrated within our school will ripple out into our homes, the local community and ultimately the world.

We believe kindness is not just about single kind acts, but rather an attitude and approach to life that threads through everything we do and every interaction we have.

We understand the important role kindness plays in boosting children’s mental and physical health.

We believe that ‘Kind’ is the most important thing a person can be.



This pledge must be signed by the headteacher at a school that has hosted one of our Kindness Workshops. Once you sign the pledge, we will review the information you submitted and be in touch with a copy of the logo and other relevant information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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