Mental Health Awareness Week
Virtual Assembly

Monday, 13th May 2024

Would your school like to join our virtual Mental Health Awareness Week assembly, being held on Monday 13th May?

Time: 1.30pm (GMT – UK time).
Running time: 30 minutes
Most suitable for: Key Stage 1 and 2
Format: It is a live, virtual assembly held on Zoom Webinar (the children can see our presenter, Greig, but he cannot see the children and they cannot see each other). Teachers can ask and answer questions on behalf of the children using the chat box.
Cost: A suggested donation of £20 per school

Assembly Content

The live virtual assembly will be led by our Director of Kindness, Greig Trout, an experienced facilitator who runs workshops for tens of thousands of children every year. Greig will deliver a fun and engaging presentation covering:

  • What Mental Health Awareness Week is.
  • This year’s theme ‘Movement’ and why it is important.
  • Simple things we can do to incorporate more movement into our day (including some inspiration from a Paralympian!)
  • The science of kindness and the role kindness plays in improving our mental health wellbeing.
  • The importance of self-kindness.

An outline of the presentation can be requested by teachers two weeks prior to the assembly if needed.

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