National Children’s Day 2022

Sunday 15th May

What is National Children’s Day?

National Children’s Day UK 2022 celebrates the importance of a happy and healthy childhood for all young people. The day aims to get as many people as possible to create events and activities that promote wellbeing, and we are very proud to be one of their key partners this year!

The day also focuses on how children’s rights and freedoms are really important to help them grow into happy and healthy adults. It’s a great opportunity for members of the community, from carers to local councils, to gain support for the things they really care about!


The theme this year is #CHOOSEKIND!

Anti-Bullying Week 21

What’s Happening This Year?

This year’s focus for National Children’s Day is ‘Choose Kind’ – something we at 52 Lives feel very passionate about! To learn how to make the world a kinder place this year we will be focusing on what might make people unkind, and how everyone can easily choose to be kind. One small act makes a world of difference: we just need to choose kindness at every opportunity!

How Can I Get Involved? 

To get involved in National Children’s Day, you can download a range of free resources from the NCDUK website, including banners, posters and badges.

At The School of Kindness we also have a range of free teaching resources related to spreading kindness that you can download here. We’ve also created a free Kindness Calendar for kids, as well as resources about the science of kindness and the best ways to be kind to ourselves.

If you’d like to spread kindness through your school, you can request a Kindness Workshop from us here at The School of Kindness – it’s totally free and a great way to inspire children to respect others and spread kindness!


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