Overheard in a School Kindness Workshop…
In the practical part of our workshop, Greig (who runs all of our workshops) had told the children about a young boy who is seriously ill – they were all busy making birthday cards for him. Then this happened…

7 yr old boy: “My dad is really sick, too.”
Greig: “I’m so sorry to hear that, buddy.”
7 yr old boy: “He shakes all the time.”
Greig: “Do you give him lots of love and hugs?”
7 yr old boy: “No,” (thinks for a minute) “But I think I will from now on.”


This is just one of the thousands of little, informal chats that have taken place during our workshops – when children are given dedicated time and space to think about kindness, to think about a world beyond the classroom, and to think about the power of their actions.


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