We spent this weekend chatting about kindness at the beautiful Paragon Junior School in Bath. The children voted for 52 Lives to be their school’s Charity of the Year, so we went along to their May Fair. We loved answering the weird and wonderful questions the children asked us …

“Why wouldn’t people be kind? Isn’t it the law?”
“How many seconds did it take to write your book?”
“Which part of your body does kindness live in?”

Jaime and Greig at Paragon fair
The children also filled our Kindness Post Box with kind notes for a young boy we’re helping called Taylor, who has been seriously ill.
We often hear stories of how cruel children can be or how much bullying takes place in schools …so it’s lovely to celebrate just how much kindness there is too


52 Lives,
PO Box 3154
Reading, RG1 9AT


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