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Why Self-Kindness?

Being kind is the best thing you can be, but sometimes we can focus all our energy on doing things for others and forget about being kind to ourselves.

Just like a car needs fuel to run, we need to fill ourselves up with kindness in order to be the best we can be. Speaking kindly to ourselves is a simple but really powerful way to show ourselves some kindness. And this month’s challenge will help you do that!


What is a Tur-Shirt?

We have partnered with a very special company to bring you a brand new challenge. The Tur-Shirt Company makes ‘tur-shirts’ for children….which is like a t-shirt but with magical messages that only the wearer can read. The writing on a tur-shirt is written in a mirror-image, so it can only be read when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Just like in the real world, it’s how we see ourselves and not how others see us that really matters.

Design Your Own Tur-Shirt!

Your Self-Kindness Challenge is to design your very own Tur-Shirt using the template on our Challenge Sheet. You can make it as colourful as you wish, but the most important part is the positive message you write to yourself.

It must be written as a mirror image, starting with “I am” or “I can” … or anything you can think of that is kind to yourself.

Challenge Sheet

Challenge Sheet

Download the Challenge Sheet here.
(if you don’t have access to a printer, please feel free to draw your design on your own paper).

Entries can be submitted by post or email to:
52 Lives – School of Kindness
PO Box 3154
Reading, RG1 9AT
Email: schools@52-lives.org

The Challenge is open to children in Key Stage 1&2 in the UK. Please read the full Competition Terms & Conditions before entering.

Deadline for entries: 8th July 2022.


We will choose one winner, who will have their Tur-Shirt design made into a real-life one-of-a-kind Tur-Shirt for them to wear. They will also have their positive words used on one of The Tur-Shirt Company products, with the profits being donated to the 52 Lives charity.We will also choose 2 runners up, who will receive their choice of a Tur-Shirt top or sweatshirt from the current range.

Proudly sponsored by


52 Lives,
PO Box 3154
Reading, RG1 9AT


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