World Smile Day 2023

Friday, 6th October

What is World Smile Day?

World Smile Day is a fantastic opportunity for everyone around the world to use the universal language of the smile. Smiling is a gesture that is understood across the world, whether you speak the same language or not. Sharing your smile makes you feel good, and makes the other person feel good too.

World Smile Day happens on the first Friday of October every year. The theme of the day is “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” The aim to bring a bit of joy to the world by encouraging people to do random acts of kindness for each other. If everyone does one thing to make someone else smile, the world would be a much kinder and happier place.

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World Kindness Day Activity Pack

Where did World Smile Day come from?

In 1963, an artist called Harvey Ball created the image of the smiley face for a local company. The design was never trademarked, and lots of people liked it and began to use it. It became a very well-known symbol and morphed into the emoji that we all know today

Ball didn’t mind that his creation became so popular, but he was worried that the original meaning of his design had being forgotten. To remedy this, he created World Smile Day, which was first held in 1999. The event runs each year, and attempts to spread some joy, and lift people’s spirits




World Kindness Day Fundraiser - Archie sold socks!

Become a World Smile Day Ambassador

To become a World Smile Day Ambassador this October, you need to think of ways in which you can spread smiles and acts of kindness.

Your little act of kindness will give someone a big smile! Your gesture doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, just thoughtful.

Here are a few ideas of things you could do, but we’re sure you’ll think of many more ways to make someone smile:

  • Give a heartfelt compliment to someone about something they’ve done, made or achieved
  • Offer to help with jobs around the house without being asked
  • Leave kind notes for people to find to brighten their day
  • Surprise someone with an unexpected card or gift that you’ve made
  • Share your musical talents by visiting a residential home and offering to perform for their residents
  • Smile at everyone you encounter for a day and just see how many smiles you get back!
  • Bake some treats for your neighbours
  • Send a card to a friend to thank them for being great
  • Give a book you’ve enjoyed to someone you know

Please send us your pictures so we can share them and make our Kids’ Kindness Club community smile too.

The science behind your smile

Smiling is contagious and it’s something we’re very happy to catch! When you smile, you are telling your brain that you are feeling positive and happy. In response to this, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which are sometimes called ‘happy hormones’ because they help to boost your mood. You can think of your smile as the best free gift – giving a smile to someone makes you feel happy, and the person receiving it feels very happy too!

Did you know that children are the biggest smilers?

Even when a child is growing in the womb, special scans have shown that the baby is practising its smile. And when they are born, children carry on smiling…. A child like you can smile up to 400 times in one day! That’s a lot of smiles to give and receive!

World Smile Day Classroom Activities

Mini Lesson Plan

This lesson plan includes a smiling poem, and some discussion questions. It’s a great way to encourage children to think about the science of smiling and the impact their smiles can have on themselves as well as others.  It is suitable for key stage 1 & 2.

 Download the Activity Sheet before watching the video.

Smiling Activity Sheet

A great way to celebrate World Smile Day is to think about some the things that make YOU smile. This is a simple activity sheet that encourages children to be creative, draw their smiles and to focus on the things that bring them joy.
Download the Smiling Activity Sheet

World Smile Day Activities for Children

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