We run Kindness Workshops in primary schools all over the UK.  Our Workshops aim to spread kindness and empower children by helping them to realise that the little choices they make every day have the power to change people’s lives, while improving their own physical and mental health at the same time. With the recent closure of schools, we have now launched Virtual Kindness Workshops. This has enabled us to open our workshops up to even more children. 


 1. A fun presentation (40 minutes)

The workshop is led by our Director of Kindness, Greig Trout, and held via You Tube Live. The way live-streaming works is the children can see Greig, but he can’t see or hear the children. During the presentation, Greig will interact with the children by asking questions, which can be answered by writing in the comment section beneath the live video.

2. Taking action

Towards the end of the first session, Greig will tell the children about a real child in need of kindness. The children will then be tasked with going away and doing something kind for that child (usually making a card, gift or writing a letter, but we try not to limit their creativity). These can be emailed directly to us by the child’s parent / guardian or via the class teacher. 

3. Final session (15 minutes)

A final virtual session will be held a day or two after the main workshop, so Greig can share what the children have done, summarise the key points, and help them to understand the impact that their kindness will have on themselves, on the child they have helped, and on the world.


The Details

Date: 11th and 12th August. The workshop includes 2 sessions.
Session 1: Tuesday 11th August 10am-10.45am (BST). Session 2: Wednesday 12th August 10am-10.20am (BST). The children should attend both sessions. 
Age Group: Most suitable for ages 7-11
Length: First session: 45 minutes. Second session: 20 minutes. The children will also need to spend some time between the two sessions to do the task they were set. 
Cost: FREE!


Booking Form

If you would like to book a place on the Virtual Kindness Workshops for your child please complete the form below. Once you have submitted your enquiry, we will confirm the details with you before providing the YouTube Link you will need for the session. (Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received it!) The link will be unlisted, which means that only children you send the link to will be able to join the session). Please read our Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Policy before signing up for the workshop.

(if you would like to sign-up more than one child feel free to enter more than 1 name)
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