The founder and CEO of 52 Lives and The School of Kindness, Jaime, and the Director of Kindness, Greig, visited Buckingham Palace in May! Jaime was on the King’s Honours list in 2023 for services to charity, and received a BEM.

They said Buckingham Palace was beautiful and they met some incredible people while they were there, but it was a man called Dave who stole the show.

Jaime said: “Dave was the taxi driver who drove us to our car afterwards (because I wore silly shoes) and then refused to let us pay. He told us stories about helping families living in poverty in a little village in Thailand, where his wife and children live.

“I wish I could have recorded him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak so passionately about the power of kindness. He said if everyone could just ‘put their heads up, look around and see how they can help, imagine what the world would be like.’

“I could see his eyes tearing up in the rearview mirror and by end of the 5 minute drive, he was openly crying – just from talking about the joy he gets from helping people who have nothing. He was the perfect end to the day. People are good.”