For Mental Health Awareness Week this year, we ran an assembly. More than 13,000 children watched live and a further 18,000 watched on catch-up, totalling more than 30,000 children! A huge thanks to all of the teachers and children that took part!

Led by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in May. This year’s theme was ‘Movement: Moving more for our mental health’, aiming to show how moving can improve our mental health.

In our assembly, children shared their favourite ways to move, and we talked about the many other ways we can improve our wellbeing, including being kind to ourselves and others.

Our assembly also helped to show children how being active is important to our mental health, and we helped to show how there are so many things we can do to support good mental health, like spending time outside, getting enough sleep, and being kind!

A couple of teachers said “every year group had such a great time” and ‘”the children loved it!”

Thanks to the amazing support of the team at NBB Recycled Furniture, everything we do for schools is totally free.

Our next special assembly will take place on the 13th November for World Kindness Day, which falls in Anti-Bullying week. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to hear when our booking opens!

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