Ava H, in Year 3, is a recent recipient of one of our Kindness Fund Grants. Having heard from her grandparents about increased loneliness in residential homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ava wanted to host a coffee morning in her local care home. Ava catered for those who had been shielding or missing their friends and family.

Ava said she hoped the residents would have a good time, feel happy and feel better! Not only did she use the grant for tea, coffee and snacks, but she also bought a small present for each of the residents. Ava provided a safe, but social, space for those most vulnerable in our community. She even helped to raise extra funds for 52 Lives in the process.

Thank you to Ava for her compassion, not only to the care home residents but to all of us at 52 Lives as well!

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Written by Becky Whalley